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This memorial website was created in the memory of our beloved son, Joseph Hadley who was born sleeping on Wednesday, 11th January 2006 at 39+4 weeks in the United Kingdom. Much wanted little brother to Jacob. Always in our thoughts, forever in our hearts. 



I first found out that my special little baby joseph had died at a routine antenatal check up 4 days before my due date. My midwife didnt say anything at first, just kept moving the scanner around trying to find a heartbeat, a worried look on her face. She told me that it was probaly because the baby was lying facing my spine with his head ready in position, so it was difficult to pick it up. She kept nodding like trying to reassure herself that, that was what it was. She then told me to go straight down the hospital so that they could do a trace on the baby's heart. (luckily, i had my sister, Lynsey with me to drive as i was now unable to fit behind the steering wheel of my own car), as we were walking to the car, i turned and asked my sister if everything was alright. She nodded and tried to reassure me that it would be fine but i know that deep down we both knew it wasn't.
When we got to the hospital, my midwife had phoned ahead and told them to send me straight down for a scan. I lay on the couch holding my sisters hand as they scanned me, looking at the screen in desperation. The sonnorgrammer shook her head and went to get help muttering that it didnt look good. Within seconds another lady had joined her and they repeated the scan and again she shook her head and told me that she was sorry but they couldn't find a heartbeat. My baby had died. I went into shock and just sat there, staring at the screen that had now been turned off. I didn't say anything, i couldn't i was just numb. no tears would come. After being taken upstairs back to the maternity ward, a midwife put her arms around me to comfort me and said she was sorry. She started to stroke my hair and i pushed her away and told her i wanted to be alone. Looking back now i realise she was just being kind, but at the time i didn't want her or anyone to touch me, i didn't want their sympathy, i wanted my baby. 


My darling husband, Nick arrived, followed by my mum.  Mum, Lynsey, Nick and i all sat in a side room on the maternity ward and waited while the consultant was called. He told me that i needed to go to another hospital to deliver as my local one was small and basic and they couldn't cope with any problems. It was 4pm when we left the hospital and after going home to see my son jacob who's nearly 2, we drove up to the other hospital. 

At 7pm, after discussing my options with the consultant i was induced and sat and waited for my biggest nightmare to come true. By 11pm i was having mild contactions which got worse until 2am when i was in established labour. I remember in between contractions thinking how weird it was that i felt a bit normal and could sit and talk to the midwife normally but i think now that i was just kidding myself that it would all be ok, it hadn't yet sunk in the reality of what was happening. They must have made a mistake and that when Joseph was born he would cry and it would all be alright. When he was born at 4.38am on the 11th January, the midwife asked me if i wanted to hold him, it all suddenly hit me. This was my baby....and he'd died...he'd gone. I wasn't going to be able to take him home and love him and nurture him and watch him grow. This was it. This was my memories of Joseph. I held him and he was so beautiful. He looked just like Jacob and his daddy. He weighed just 4lbs 8oz and they thought that he just wasn't getting enough nutrients from the placenta to grow properly.


We spent a few hours at the hospital with Joseph, just talking to him, holding him and loving him, It was such special time that will be embeded in my heart forever. The hospital took several pictures of Joseph and also a print of his hands and feet and a lock of his hair.
We had a private blessing at the hospital with just Joseph, Nick and myself and the Chaplain, which was lovely but very sad and set us both off crying again.  Then we went home empty handed without our precious bundle that we should have been proudly showing off to everyone.  I havent got the words to describe how devestated and heartbroken we both felt.

We visited Joseph several times until his funeral on Friday, 20th January.  We had a service for family and friends at the local church where Nick and i had gotten married and Jacob had been christened.  I remember thinkng at the time that we should be bringing Joseph here in a few months time to christen him not bury him just 9 days after he was born.  We then had a private family only burial at the local cemetry.


I have done this site in the tribute of my beautiful beloved son.  Born asleep 11th January 2006 - Gone to be an angel.

Remembering you is easy
We do it everyday
Losing you was heartache
That will never go away



Joseph has lots of angel friends, Here are some of their websites:


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His legacy
Dreams of my Angel  

As I closed my eyes last night to sleep
My mind did wander to find what my heart seeks
I thought of you, as if you would have been here
celebrating birthdays and Christmas's and days I'd hold dear
I thought of you learning to sit, crawl and then walk
Your growing so quickly and now you can talk
I thought of the time you learned how to ride your bike
Or running in the park flying your kite
I thought of the picnics we had on those hot summer days
Our family happy and laughing, the days where memories are made
I thought of you when you first started school
Of your first class trip to the swimming Pool
All through the night I did have this wonderful dream
Of all the things I wanted and how life should have been
My beautiful angel kissed me to stir me from sleep
And whispered to me softly "mummy, today you mustn't weep"
I have shown you the days that you wanted to see
I may not be here, but in your dreams your with me
I can show you the stars twinking in the night sky
and my own favourite places where I watch the world go by
I'll show you my playground where I have lots of fun
with all my angel friends i play and i run
I must go now mummy,  it nearly is light
But I'll be waiting here ready, when you go to sleep tonight"

For my little boy who is always in my thoughts and forever in my heart
Love mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

A poem for Joseph by Mummy  
They couldn't find your heartbeat
It seemed to have just faded away
I still can't understand it
It was just four days til your due day

I never got to see you smile
Talk or walk or play
And it's these thoughts that haunt me
Each and every day

I never got to feel
Your warm breath on my cheek
Instead I feel an emptiness
So huge that I feel weak

I held you tight in my arms
Your so silent calm and still
Now my heart is broken
A hole to big to fill

You look just like your daddy
And you could have been Jacob's twin
Surely to have taken you
It must have been a sin

You've gone to be an Angel now
Fluttering free in the sky
And this is how i'll always think of you
Every single day until I die

I love you and miss you so much my darling boy.  Hope your happy playing in the big playground in the sky. 
Love always,
Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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